Boudoir shoots seem like a sexy and fun idea to lots of people, but only a small percentage of those people actually book one. Booking a boudoir shoot means taking a step into the unknown, and that can seem scary to lots of people. Many of my clients come in with tons of questions. They’re nervous, and they want to know how everything works. I completely understand this. Photo shoots make lots of people nervous when they’re fully clothed! If you’re nervous about actually getting in front of a photographer in your skivvies, here are some questions you can start with to learn more and feel better about your boudoir shoot.

 1. Where do you shoot?

 Most boudoir photographers shoot inside for well…obvious reasons. Some have studios, and some will book luxury or boutique hotel room to shoot in. Studios generally mean that you’ll have lots of props and sets to choose from, while the right hotel can be an amazing backdrop for your body. Either way, you’ll want to know in advance so you can prepare or state any preferences up front.


2. What do I wear?

 Anything you want to, and nothing that you don’t want to! It’s really up to you. Some clients prefer robes and stockings for a covered up look, while some like to bare it all. Some even like a mix.  Be upfront about your comfort levels and what areas of your body you feel unsure about. Your photographer can make suggestions and talk you through potential themes and looks. Make sure to ask how many outfit changes are possible within the same shoot. Some photographers limit you to three, while some let you change an unlimited number of times.

Personally, I suggest bringing along a variety of looks in terms of coverage. You never know where your mood will take you, and it’s always nice if you can surprise yourself.

3. How can I get my images?

After your shoot, you’ll have lots of gorgeous images of yourself. Now it’s up to you to decide how to display them. Most photographers can make albums or books for you, and some will even let you purchase a cd of all of the images. Make sure you ask if any images are included as part of the package, or if you will have to purchase any prints after the session. If you’re worried about privacy, feel free to ask the photographer to destroy them after you’ve decided what package you want to buy.

What questions would you have about a boudoir shoot? Ask them here and I’ll make sure I answer them for you!