It seemed that I was impatient for everything I love about Fall–not having to have my air conditioning on, the changing of the tree colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course fall fashion. Thereʼs nothing I love more than the rich, dark, warm colors that accompany the changing of the seasons. But as the air turned brisker, I felt a little sad that I couldnʼt just slip on my favorite sandals anymore with a pair of shorts and a tank top. All those great pieces and prints I got for summer have seen there time and are now ready to go into hibernation. I think maybe I jumped the gun a little bit wishing fall would come so soon because Iʼm having a hard time letting go of my spring/summer wardrobe! I guess you really do always want what you canʼt have… It may be a faux pas to wear white pants after labor day, but Iʼm still finding a way to extend those fashions into the fall months for as long as possible.

Summer Favorite: Strappy Tops
Remember when all the beauty and fitness magazines were promoting arms exercises to prepare yourself for the season of strappy tops? Well regardless of if you did those exercises or not Iʼm sure you built up your tank top collection as much as I did. Even if theyʼre bright florals like this one, pairing them under a darker hued, or neutral blazer will help blend those tanks and camis into the colder months.


Summer Favorite: Airy Dresses
It may not be as simple to throw on a summer day dress with a sparkly pair of flip flops anymore, but it can have itʼs life extended with with right accessories. Throw on a sweater, belt, and/or scarf in fall colors, and donʼt forget to change out those flip flops for the right pair of boots, and voilà! Your reliable summer favorite gets to enjoy autumn with you. Polyvore is a great place to make your own outfits so you can see how they look before you buy anything new.

Summer Favorite: White
Like I said, weʼre not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. If youʼre re-using a gauzy, lightweight piece, pair it with more dominating colors to take the airy, summer feeling away leaving you with a crisp, classic look.

Luckily fashion week showed us that theyʼre also pushing the limits. Heavier and more textured fabrics make white seem right at home next to your burgundyʼs, plumʼs, and brownʼs.

Iʼm sure itʼll be around the dead of winter that Iʼve finally gotten on board with the fall weather, but until then, long live summer!