Ever hear the saying, “nothing is original anymore?”  I’ve found this can be especially true in fashion.  Sure, there’s new lines every season, but mostly the looks are a revamped version of something that’s already been done.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this necessarily, it’s actually fun to bring old looks back to life in a new way.  However, that little saying insinuating that novel ideas in fashion just don’t happen anymore was just begging to be proved wrong.

There was the duct-tape prom dresses which started a revolution when college scholarships were offered to students with the best designs.  Recycling old t-shirts into grungy-chic cut up dresses or tops.  Even using office supplies like paper clips, or safety pins as jewelry.  Where am I going with these eclectic fashion crafts?  Well, it doesn’t have to stick to regular day wear.  Anything I see in a street fashion, I automatically research to see how, or if it has translated into the lingerie and underwear world.  Much to my surprise, there were just as many, if not more, homemade designs all begging to disprove the theory that “nothing is original anymore.”

I’m all for statement pieces, and while they’re not great for wearing under a button up these fun creations are perfect for a photo shoot, or just adding a little spice to your night.


Candy anyone?


These buttons turned this regular bra into a work of art.

Then there was this mirrored craft which would have someone staring at your chest, but for a completely different reason than normal!


But while some inventions were a hit, there were a couple that just missed the mark.  For mostly comical purposes (please don’t try these at home), here are some of the “bras” that left me thinking…”uhm what?”


Bacon should stay with breakfast. 


These poor fish aren’t exactly living in prime real estate.

Finally, ouch.


If you’re not much of a crafter, or want a lower risk statement piece, check out sites like Etsy for hand crafted lingerie you can buy.  And the only work you’ll have to do is order online!