I read an article recently that was titled, “Nothing Gets Done in August (and that’s OK).”  It was mostly about how it’s a slow time of the month for many companies, and then had a bunch of business professionals discussing whether that time should be spent trying to get ahead and proving yourself, or basking in the stillness.  The verdict was to take it easy for a little bit since for the majority of working Americans, the amount of pressure the rest of the year is borderline unhealthy.

Well, didn’t have to tell me twice!  Any excuse for a vacation becomes less of an excuse and more of an obligation.  That could be a romantic and serene two week long getaway with your significant other, or simply a day trip just to get away from it all for a little.  Either way it’s a great opportunity to capture the moment in a photo.

Here are some great places that I think everyone should try and visit at least once in their life.  Now, these photos are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but visiting them in person is a whole other experience.

New York, New York.

The “Big Apple”, “Concrete Jungle”, there’s endless names for it.  But, being one of the most diverse cities, there literally is an area in it for everyone.  Glitzy uptown shops and restaurants, hipster thrift shops and bars, the drama of Broadway, or even the typical tourist destinations for the first timers.  My favorite however, will always be Central Park.  Obviously right in the center of all the action, it can be pretty easy to forget you’re in one of the largest populated cities.


The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

It’s called “grand” for a reason.  Over 277 river miles, there’s natural beauty as far as your eye can see.  If you’re an active person this is a great place to try and wear yourself out, although the view is the most important part which can be seen from multiple viewing decks throughout.

Venice, Italy

They weren’t kidding around when they said there weren’t any cars or on-ground transportation.  However daunting the idea of navigating on-foot through the different streets (which didn’t seem to be organized with any particular rhyme or reason), there were endless cafés to rest your feet.  And of course you could always live out an Italian fantasy on a gondola ride, which people actually use.


Lapland, Finland

Didn’t you ever wonder where Santa really lived when you were little?  Old St. Nick calls Lapland home sweet home.  Probably not the tropical destination you think of for a summer getaway, but the natural beauty in the landscape and, of course, the infamous Northern Lights make this a once in a lifetime experience.

Right where you are!

We don’t all have expendable time and money, so taking a day trip, or even a long lunch to one of your favorite spots to un-wind could do just the trick to re-energize a slow moving August.  If you know a great place that’s undiscovered, share it with me!  I’m always interested in exploring new, beautiful territory!

(image 5: http://speaklanguagecenter.com/files/2011/11/Site_Selection_Pinpoint_Map1.jpg)