Do you feel like you need to shake things up?


A photo shoot with us is an entire confidence boosting experience

Boudoir image of woman wearing white lingerie, with white roses in her hair laying on a white rug surrounded by candles

Get ready to feel sexy and alive!

Begin your photoshoot with a full hair and makeup experience. Whether you want a natural or full glam look, our artists are the best in the industry.

No prior experience needed

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know exactly what to do. We are experts in assisting you with outfits, posing, movement, and your expressions.

image of woman laying in white lingerie with flowers in her hair among lit candles boudoir photography atl

Maybe it’s time to turn up the volume?!

While we believe every woman is gorgeous just as she is, we also know it’s rare that a gal gets to take the time to have a full day of glam, over-the-top fabulousness with hot images as a keepsake.

The Sexiest Gift this Valentines Day!

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Hi, I’m Laquel


So, you may be wondering¬† “Who the heck is this Laquel person anyway?”. I’m glad you asked!

I’m a Georgia transplant who is originally from the lovely San Francisco Bay Area in California. I originally started my photography business there over 10 years ago and due to life, work and all the normal craziness that one experiences over time had put a pause in my creative side for a few years. But I missed the joy of creating stunning images for my clients and seeing the looks on their faces when they saw how amazing they were.

Boudoir is an empowering, self love experience that everyone should experience in her life!

I’m not only a photographer but a woman who passionately believes that every woman, every BODY, deserves gorgeous, empowering images of themselves. At all ages.