Even though it was a short trip to Spain this year (only a week). I enjoyed finding out about the country and coming across handy resources for a quick jont over to Europe.

A few tips:

Research those flights!

If you want to get more bang for your buck, look to see what various airlines are offering as far as flights go. Those random price comparison sites can come in handy and if you’re flexible with what times (or days) you can fly, you hundreds by shopping around.

I haven’t come across one that is consistently cheaper than any others but a few to check include:

Research those airlines!

So honestly, I’ve never thought too much about the airline itself. But it helps to check reviews. I ended up picking an AirFrance flight to go to Spain. Not so good. The plane was old, cramped, and generally one of the most uncomfortable planes I’ve ever been on. For a 14hr+ trip that can make a difference.

What’s the conversion rate?

If you’re going to go, your going to go. But it’s a good idea to find out what you’re going to be paying. With the euro in flux and prices all over the place, it’s good to keep an eye out on what you’ll actually be spending. If you’re choice are between Thailand and Europe for vacationing, you may save a pretty penny by going to the less expensive country. I keep an eye out on www.xe.com just to get an idea of how strong (or not) the dollar is.

Research places to stay

I’m not a huge fan of those large, over crowded, mega hotels. I go for the smalled B&Bs or boutique hotels when I can. I like the quieter, low key feel and the personal attention. Whether you go for big name, luxury hotels or smaller inns I’d advice doing some research on sites like TripAdvisor. Keep in mind that some travelers are just never happy and never pleased and are just bitter, unhappy people. They can be given the world on an oyster and will still complain, but I have to believe that most people are honest and will give helpful reviews on places they have stayed.

So review sites aren’t perfect but they can seriously help with finding a place that may fit your personality and needs.


Question: What is one of your most memorable trips? What made it stand out?