After a December of traveling and celebrating the holidays with family and friends, I am now back to posting up Wanderer’s Wednesday!

(And yes, I know it’s Thursday but disregard that fact for now. It’s been a busy week)

I hope that everyone had an amazing end to their 2011! It was an interesting year, some good times and some bad but overall I had a great year and I’m looking forward to 2012.

As 2011 was rounding out, we took a fabulous trip out to the Caribbean via New Orleans. It was such a nice change to get away from the cold, foggy weather of the bay area and have beaches and blue skies!

One of the best experiences we had was when we got to explore a little slice of Jamaica. Now if you haven’t been to the Caribbean you may be in for a bit of a shock. Like most of the islands I’ve been too (mind you, I’ve only been to about 6), Jamaica is a fairly poor country. At least in comparison to how most Americans live. And yet, the people we came across were very friendly and welcoming.

We got of the boat at a pier that Royal Caribbean itself built on the island. Obviously, it was highly touristy with a crazy amount of jewlery shops, alcohol stores, and random little trinkets (all over priced I may add). To get away from the main tourist trap we decided to venture a little further out into the mountains and found ourselves at The Good Hope Estate. Even though still geared for tourists there was a lot of history surrounding this still active plantation and we marvelled at the spectacular views and the historic buildings.

We got to chat with one of the cooks about Breadfruit and even though he was cooking it for himself, he had a great time getting us to try it roasted and deep fried and chatting us up about the different ways to cook it, lol.

We enjoyed walking around this old world plantation. Here are some of the images from this area of Jamaica!