Wedding season is officially upon us. Whether that means receiving invitations in the mail, being part of a bridal party, or some may be lucky enough to be walking down the isle, there is certainly no shortage of fabulous wedding lingerie. Between bridal magazines, celebrity weddings, DOMA being struck down it seems like love, and weddings are in the air in this summer, and they’re stronger than ever. Certainly a cause for celebration, it inspired me to browse the fashions in wedding lingerie and showcase some of the best in all different styles.

Image via Agent Prrovocateur


Did you go all out on the wedding dress? If that meant a long train, huge ruffles, or lots of beading (maybe all of the above!), then you’ll want your lingerie to match that style. A lace corset with ruffles, ribbons, tulle, and satin will certainly fulfill all of your over the top needs. In a piece like this, years down the road, you may remember your wedding lingerie better than your wedding dress!


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Not everything has to have bells and whistles, sometimes a simple and classic design will be perfect for your personality. If laid back and simple sounds right up your alley, don’t think that “boring” has to go along with it. A plain white set adorned with a few ruffles can serve many uses–being adorable enough for a big day, but also comfortable enough for any other night.


Image via Dollhouse Bettie


Nothing says vintage quite like lace. A set like this is definitely meant for a special occasion, and the best thing about an intricate lace design is that you rarely need anything else to complete the look. Small delicate ribbons are the perfect touch for an ultra feminine look for a girly bride. My favorite source for this type of thing is Dollhouse Bettie right here in the Bay Area!


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Similar to the casual style, classic designs are a little more dressed up, but equally sophisticated. These styles are timeless and years from now you can look back on this and know it’ll never go out of style. If you’re normally drawn to fashion that’s polished and elegant, simple structures with little details will be your best bet. This cream colored corset is anything but plain with lace trim, and garter straps.

If you’re just fantasizing about your big day, or actually need to pick something out for your wedding, always make sure your personal style can shine through all the way down to your lingerie. And don’t forget to sign up for a boudoir session along the way!