Boudoir photography has been picking up in popularity over the past few years, but very few people know what it actually is. I suspect if you asked the average person to define boudoir photography, they would tell you it was about taking pictures of women in lingerie.

While this can be (and is a huge part of boudoir sessions) boudoir photography has a much broader goal. Boudoir photographers aspire to capture their clients in a sensual and artistic way. That’s it. Different photographers have different styles, and the client’s style always dictates the way the session comes out.

A boudoir session client can request anything from nude photographs to pictures of them in their favorite little black dress. Boudoir is first and foremost about being comfortable in your own skin and transmitting that to the camera.

We think of boudoir as a new trend, but boudoir photography is only the most recent incarnation of the trend. Take a look at some great examples (and some of the most lovingly portrayed cellulite in world history), and how our ideas about the ideal body have changed.

Modern boudoir doesn’t have to go to these extremes, and in many cases it doesn’t. Sometimes all you need for a boudoir session is a great silk robe and a stunning pair of high heels. Many clients choose lingerie that covers the areas that they are sensitive about. This enables them to relax and not worry while they’re at the shoot.

Photo by Laquel Wright Photography

Photo by Laquel Wright Photography

What is your definition of boudoir photography? What is your personal style of sexy? Let me know in the comments!