If I mentioned that you should have a boudoir photo shoot, I bet you’d have a list of reasons why you don’t think it’s for you. 

And I would tell you that 95% of them are not valid reasons to not have boudoir photos taken! Okay, yes – I made up that number – so the real percentage is more like 100%!

Now let’s say you are curious about what I do and you let me entertain you for a few minutes with my stories about boudoir photography – here are all the things I’d tell you first and foremost.

Boudoir is Empowering!

Before you can take your boudoir pictures – you need to get yourself ready.

And I’m not talking about your body, I’m talking about your mind! 

The mind is the biggest hurdle to overcome, it fights to keep us comfortable and safe, if something is new and different our mind perceives it as dangerous and tells us to avoid that thing at all costs. 

Because of this, I often hear a lot of pushback. The number one objective I hear when discussing boudoir photography is “oh I wish I did that when I was younger!” or “boudoir isn’t for me right now, but maybe when I can get in better shape.”

I am here to tell you that is BOGUS. 

Every single body, every season of life, every age – is absolutely worth celebrating!! 

There’s no one size fits all stipulation that comes with a boudoir photo shoot. 

There is only one you! You will never be in this season of life again!

It’s time you start embracing and loving your body. Your body is your temple and temples are meant to be regarded with highest value. 

You don’t want to look back in 5, 10, or 20 years and say “I wish I did that when I was younger!” – do you see? You’re never going backwards. Embrace your life and body where you are right now. 

Babe, you have worked so hard your whole life to get where you are today. It has taken tremendous effort, uphill battles, and a lot of work. It’s high time you let yourself settle into your body and all you have done. You’re doing remarkable extraordinary things! 

You are SO worth celebrating no matter what season you’re in. When you let me take your boudoir photos you will see just how truly sexy and beautiful you are at this very moment!

Model with eyes closed posing face up in sweater. She has pink nails and red lipstick
Kisha rocking her boudoir session in a cute sweater

When Should You Take Boudoir Photos?

Babe, hear me when I say, BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS FOR YOU.

Period. End of sentence.

Boudoir is a celebration of YOU!

While many women (and men!) have boudoir photos taken for an engagement or anniversary gift for their significant other – this does not have to be the only reason you let yourself get undressed for some sexy glam photos.

Here are some other occasions that deserve their own steamy photo shoot:

  • DIVORCE: Did someone say all the single ladies?! Make Beyonce proud – celebrate the ending of that chapter by taking boudoir photos that would make your ex jealous. You are going to get an instant confidence boost to get back out there – or just stay single and slay – new life, new you!
  • BIRTHDAY: Throw yourself the party you wish your friends would. Have your cake and eat it too! Celebrate another year around the sun by embracing your inner goddess and having a glam boudoir photoshoot. You get to play dress up in sultry attire and tell the universe you are thankful for the body you have. 
  • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: When you work hard you deserve to feel good when it’s over. Some people enjoy massages, but after a few days, you’re already needing another one. Now imagine flipping through the crisp cool pages of an album full of photos that prove you are the confident boss babe who is taking on the world. You get to keep this feeling forever. Many studies have been done that prove you receive a surge of serotonin and dopamine when looking back at old photos where you feel good. So do it for your health! 
  • BACHELORETTE PARTY: Picture this: You and your ride-or-die best friends having a group boudoir photo session. Champagne, confetti, sexy slumber pajamas, laughing, and having the best time ever. Queens of your domain. A truly special way to celebrate beautiful friendships creating a unique experience that will bond you for life!  
  • BRIDAL/ENGAGEMENT PARTY: Now if you want something a little more sophisticated perhaps, but you still want your best girls by your side – maybe you’d like to elevate your experience by having a bridal boudoir shoot or even an engagement party boudoir shoot! Classy and timeless, a memory to share forever.

Do I Have to Get Naked for Boudoir Photos?

Bestie, did you know there are no boudoir police?! 

That means there are no rules in boudoir photography.

YOU get to make the rules!

Don’t want to get dressed down? That’s fine! 

Boudoir is all about whatever makes you feel empowered, sexy, and beautiful.

Cutoff jeans and a t-shirt? We’re down! Hot pink lingerie? You go, girl! A fantastic gown that is straight off the runway? SLAY! Nothin but what your momma gave you? Do it!

Truth is, you could be wearing a t-shirt and undies and you are still going to look and feel incredible. 

You get to decide how sultry versus playful you are. 

You get to decide how much skin you do or don’t show.

Oh and one more thing? It doesn’t have to be either-or. Let’s start with one outfit and then slink down when you’re feeling more at ease if that’s more comfortable for you. Remember what I said? You make the rules! (and it’s totally okay if you break your own rules, too! I won’t tell!)

No matter which boudoir photo shoot you choose to have, your pictures are going to blow you away. You’ll be on the edge of your seat ready to text your pictures to all your besties!

Model in brown dress for her boudoir session
Octavia posing in a lovely brown dress for her boudoir session. I love the neutral tone of this image!

Boudoir Photos: Just Do It

There are so many reasons why you should treat yourself to alluring boudoir photos. 

While I listed some of the biggest reasons here, the truth is I can bet you could rattle off a few more personal to you reasons, couldn’t you?

What are your reasons?

Dig deep in your heart and consider what is holding you back. 

Now don’t get me wrong, the list of why you should get boudoir photography is much longer than this list here, but I think these are the best reasons why you should treat yourself! 

If you’re still on the fence you can check out this article about how having a boudoir photo shoot helped one mom positively gain her confidence. 

There is only one life and you are meant to live it to the fullest. Don’t let fear allow you to second guess the desires on your heart. 

Get out there babe and be the best most beautiful self you can be. Make your past self smile and your future self thank you!
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