If you’re a lover of fashion and lingerie, then you may just have to do some shopping after looking at our latest “What to Wear” section this week. We’re featuring not just gorgeous lingerie that can be worn in boudoir shoots or lounging around,  but the theme this week is silks. Silk is a very decadent fabric and often associated with rich and formal occasions. However, it’s not just for gowns! Keep reading to see how nightgowns, robes, sleep sets, and lingerie sets use the fabric to create lustful designs.

Image via La Lilouche

We have to start with La Lilouche, as silk is one of the main fabrics used. And how precious is this coral set? The ruffled shorts and bandeau bra also match a wide variety of garments in La Lilouche’s Rosy Days line.

Image via Ayten Gasson


Ayten Gasson is another designer known for their great work with silks. Made in Britain, you’ll find a wide range of feminine, sexy, and sultry choices that you’ll be dying to show off. A favorite right now is this floral bed jacket that also has matching silk knickers.


Image via Cazar.de

Marjolaine is a French company that has beautifully combined two of the greatest fabrics ever: silk and lace. They work perfectly together due to their delicate qualities and ability to add depth to the garment without looking like patchwork. This lace and silk chemise is no exception!

Image via Agent Provocateur


And what would a What to Wear section be without Agent Provocateur? The always sexy brand has not only signature black silks, but also has florals as well. This combination from the Lyla collections is exquisite and feminine with lavender lace, pink bows, and a floral design.

A quick note on the fabric: silk is one of the strongest and most absorbent fabrics out there. That means it’s very absorbent, and is perfect for relaxing in warmer weather. To take care of your silk garments, you’ll of course want to follow the washing instructions that come with it. But generally you’ll want to hand wash the garments in cool water with a mild soap, and never ring them out or put in the dryer–instead just let them air dry.