Boudoir shoots can often times be some of the most exciting and fun jobs for me to do, and I think the star of the photos (thatʼs you!), can have just as much fun. Although, if youʼve never done one before, or are new to the boudoir scene it can be kind of hard to know where to start. A great starting point if youʼre feeling a little lost is to choose a theme to follow. In the past Iʼve shared how to incorporate themes like retro and pin- ups, preppy, and most recently, reinstating your youth. This week in particular I found myself gravitating towards sophisticated silks, lots of lace, frills and ruffles, and all things that sparkle. So I found it appropriate to bring it all together for a glam themed shoot.

Iʼm sure you want all of your boudoir shoots to be as glamourous as you are, but this week Iʼm really focusing on elegance and polish, for a totally chic affect.

A great option is to get a complete set–bra, panty, garter belt, stockings, the whole nine yards. With most companies you have the option to buy them separately, but after looking at a classic look like this, how could you choose just one piece? Even though itʼs plain white, the attention to detail makes it anything but plain. To look as chic as this, opt for silky fabrics, and classic styles like the high waisted brief.

Mixing and matching separates along with loungewear is another great option. I love this bed jacket and the panties from the same line. Now you just need to be sprawled out on a vintage fainting couch for a truly lovely effect.


Sometimes accessories can make all the difference. Especially with boudoir shoots, when there usually isnʼt much other clothing to compete with, the impact of statement jewelry, or detailed glove can play a vital part in the look. I especially love these fingerless lace gloves.

I found myself going back and forth between large flashy jewelry or simple elegant options. After all, weʼre going for sophistication not showing off. Mostly because I canʼt resist a beautiful large gem, as long as everything is in moderation and it makes you feel absolutely magnificent, then itʼll work. Some of my favorites include these gorgeous pearl earrings…


Even if a string of pearls or a satin underwear set isnʼt part of your daily routine, a boudoir shoot is the perfect time to try out different looks and embody a completely different character–even if just for a few hours.