One of the joys of being a boudoir photographer is seeing all of the different styles that my clients are attracted to.  We see lots of articles in the media about embracing different body types, but we don’t see many different styles of “sexiness” being presented on a daily basis.

This can make people really nervous when they start becoming intrigued by the idea of a boudoir photo shoot. After all, not everyone wants to put on a mesh bodystocking and a g-string, and lots of women feel like that’s what boudoir is about. Honestly, boudoir shoots are about being comfortable in your own skin and discovering your own sexy style.

If you’re thinking about a boudoir shoot (or even just about expanding your lingerie collection), here are some ways to approach dressing and feeling sexy.

Sporty:  You don’t have to be a fan of high heels and stockings to feel sexy. In fact, many women radiate sexiness when they’re feeling relaxed and comfortable. Luckily, there are lots of great companies making attractive lingerie and loungewear out there that is equally perfect for a boudoir shoot or lounging around on the couch.

Image via Between the Sheets Lingerie

These Birds of Play leggings by Between the Sheets are equally at home under a dress, at a boudoir shoot with a bralette and robe, or at your weekly yoga class. The feather lace detail is exquisite.

Image via Fredrick's of Hollywood

This satin sleepshirt is cute, sexy, and comfortable. It’s also pretty easy on your wallet.

Vintage:  When you think vintage, think of Mrs. Robinson and her leopard print Vanity Fair lingerie. For a sweeter take on it, picture Samantha from Bewitched.  Vintage (and vintage reproduction) lingerie never goes out of style, and is guaranteed to hit your curves in all of the right places.

Image via What Katie Did

What Katie Did supplied all the lingerie for the new movie “My Week With Marilyn”, and is a leader in the vintage reproduction market. Their Harlow line is creamy and luxurious, and they even make old fashioned bullet bras!

Image via Fab Gabs Vintage

This vintage Vanity Fair slip is begging to be used in a boudoir shoot! There’s nothing like owning a piece of history.

Modern: If I had to pick a style, it would have to be this. When I think of more modern styling, I think of luxury robes, sexy shoes, and great jewelry. I’m a particular fan of edgy details.

Image via Bella Bella Boutique

I love how elegant and classic this robe is from the front, and then the surprise cutout back. It’s a great take on the basic kimono. 

Image via Ewa Michalak


This Ewa Michalak bra is a gorgeous graffiti explosion. It’s got a sexy plunging neckline as well.  It’s begging to be paired with a great necklace and shoes.

What’s your own style of sexy? Please let me know in the comments! If these wonderful lingerie pieces have tempted you into trying out a boudoir shoot, I have three spots left for my winter mini-boudoir sessions.