Boudoir sessions are a blast, not only for the photographer who gets to capture some pretty spectacular shots, but most importantly, for you.  Who wouldn’t love getting to show off that they’re a total sex-pot?  So I thought, why not spice it up a little and add a theme to your shoot?  When you decide to theme something, that not only means that you get to play dress up, but you also get to play decorator.  Creating a one of a kind set with a killer wardrobe will add a whole new element of fun to your boudoir shoot.  Recently I have really been loving the pin-up trend.  It’s not something I would normally incorporate into my street wear, but if I know nothing else, it’s that lingerie has no limits, making it the perfect area to try out new trends.

Polka dots, high waisted silhouettes, bright make-up, all of these things brought together will automatically portray a bright and energetic personality. Additionally, this trend has historically be very flattering to fuller figures and to me is the ultimate expression of the sought after hour-glass figure.


Accessories, accessories, accessories! It’s all about the details, with bandana inspired headbands, bows, gloves, and pearls, don’t be afraid to try out fashions you wouldn’t normally wear.  The retro style also gives you plenty of room to experiment with your hair.  From perfect curls, to straight across bangs, to using an entire package of bobby pins, it seems like nothing is too extreme.

When it comes to creating your set, in a perfect would you could use a vintage ice cream parlor, a Corvette, and any room with a jukebox in it instantly achieves that retro feel.  If you don’t have the resources to completely re-do a room, it will work just as well to take certain elements and implement them into your set.  Using those bright pops of colors, incorporating simple props like the vintage coca-cola bottles and milkshake glasses, telephones that actually have cords, even a simple barstool could do the trick.



So grab that bright red lipstick, a can (or three) of hairspray, and see a whole different side of yourself with pin-up fashion.  Alternatively, you can be inspired any trend to add a little something to a photo shoot, something I’ll definitely be exploring and sharing with you in the future!