I love all the fashion trends, but sometimes I get so caught up in the clothes that I completely forget about the beauty aspect. Thatʼs kind of crazy considering that fashion and beauty go hand in hand, but I thought Iʼd focus solely on some great beauty trends and tips to get you through the colder months. In the summer it was all about the “glow,” whether that was faked or natural from days in the sun, it seemed we were all striving for that laid-back, beachy feel. As it gets increasingly colder, some parts of the country fairing worse than others, itʼs also getting increasingly more unrealistic to have that summer tan, and just like fashion, different colors are more trendy than others for makeup. Some of us may be clinging on to every last piece of summer that we can, but in the mean time learn to embrace the fall and winter colors!

Skin Care:

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Sun gives us Vitamin D and when you use sun protection, you still benefit with glowing skin, higher energy, and an even complexion. To keep those benefits through the winter, try a brightening exfoliator which allows your skin to absorb more moisture during those cold dry months. A great pick is the Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. You can pair it with a tinted moisturizer that also gives you a little color, but in a natural way. A fan favorite is Jergens Glow for Faces because it moisturizes while also giving you just enough color to keep from looking pasty. To keep the rest of your body from completely drying out, even those stubborn elbows and knuckles, make sure to put on a thick moisturizer like cocoa butter right after you shower when your pores are absorbing the most.

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Hair Care:
The change in temperature can do surprising damage to your loved locks, from dry ends to increased heat tools in attempts keep static strands at bay, itʼs more important than ever to lock that moisture in! To cure a dry scalp, natural home remedies seem like the way to go. Not only is it more cost effective, but you see everything thatʼs going into your homemade product, so you can be assured no nasty chemicals are seeping into your already irritated scalp. A close friend swears by the avocado hair mask, and this recipe gives you step by step instructions.

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The Fun Stuff:

Now that your foundation of healthy hair and skin is in order, time to dress it up! One of the most noticeable changes is that winter make up trends opt for blushes instead of bronzers. For those of us who are scared of blush in fear of using too much, find a shade that works with your complexion. For porcelain skin that shows color easier remember that lighter is better, for medium tones rosey-pink and even peachy mixtures look best, and darker skin tones opt for darker and deeper shades to enhance your natural color. For everyone–less is more! a light sweep can make a big difference, and donʼt worry you can always add more later.

 Eye make-up can go one of two ways, a frosty dramatic look, or experiment with color. The frosty look combines black eye liner and a lighter shadow to illuminate your beautiful eyes. Reminiscent of freshly fallen snow, this is a great look for night. For day, time women are focusing less on eyes and more on lips, so stick to a simple swipe of mascara and pair it with a bold lip color.


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If youʼre someone who loves to experiment with color, go for jewel tones like deep purples, emerald greens, golden browns. And of course a smoky eye is always in season.

Iʼm sure youʼve all been doing your shopping for the upcoming season, and now with gorgeous skin, healthy hair, and a fun switch to your make-up, youʼll be ready for a seasonal photo shoot, or just another glamourous day at the office!